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A Brief History of the Organization

In 1989, the Nevada State Legislature created Regional Planning to ensure that Reno and Sparks were coordinating efforts to manage growth in the Truckee Meadows. A stipulation of Regional Planning was that we in the Truckee Meadows must define and monitor our area’s quality of life. The logic was that if we can maintain or improve our area’s quality of life, growth is fine. If we can’t maintain it, then regional planners will have to revise their projections until we achieve a sustainable quality of life.

At about the same time, the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) realized that quality of life mattered to businesses moving into our area. Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT) grew out of an EDAWN committee. Founding members included: EDAWN (initial start-up subcommittee prior to incorporation), Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency (initial staff support for start-up and original indicator research), Washoe Education Association (annual contributions consistently above the highest membership levels), and Renown Health/Washoe Medical Center (initial grant funding).

In 1993, TMT incorporated as an independent, nonprofit organization and helped select our area’s quality of life indicators, asking “What matters most?” to nearly a 4,000 stakeholders. In the fall of 1994, TMT issued a prototype of the Indicators Report, which became the benchmark for our future efforts, reporting on the original 66 indicators.

In 1996, Washoe Medical Center (now Renown Health) generously granted TMT $750,000 because they believe community health and quality of life go hand in hand. $500,000 was used over five-years as program grant funding (ending in 2001) to a broad range of nonprofits that work collectively to improve quality of life for everyone in our community, while the remaining monies sustained TMT’s operations over eight years.  TMT’s program grant funding ended in 2001. Today membership and every penny contributed is used to sustain TMT’s programs, fund partnerships to improve indicators, and create positive community change.

In 1997, TMT published its first Quality of Life In The Truckee Meadows: A Report To The Community, and in 1998, this report was used in the region-wide visioning process now known as “One Region. One Vision.” TMT continued to publish a biennial community well-being report through 2005.  [Because the indicators are used to track changes (improvement and decline) over time, TMT’s community wellbeing reports are now periodic, but TMT continues to publish an annual report to the community summarizing indicator trends.]

In 2000, TMT surveyed the community and reduced its 66 indictors by collapsing 30 indicators into 6 quality of life categories that resonated with businesses and citizens.

In 2005, TMT engaged the community in a major Quality of Life Task Force effort to update the indicators for more relevant, outcomes-based measures to better support quality of life improvement activities. Again, thousands of citizens participated in this update process.  In the late fall 2006, 33 new community indicators, across 10 quality of life categories were approved.  These new indicators were researched and metrics reported in the comprehensive Community Wellbeing Report published in conjunction with Northern Nevada Business Weekly, January 2008.  Click here to download the 2008 report.

In 2006, TMT also adopted the new tagline “Engaging the Community.  Measuring our Progress.” It crystallizes the organization’s mission and has helped citizens understand the important role TMT plays in our community now and in the future.

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Click here to join Truckee Meadows Tomorrow. Access comprehensive, unbiased data about the place you work, live and play. Individual memberships start as low as $50, nonprofits $75, small business $150, and larger business memberships range start at $500. Contributions may be tax-deductible under federal law.

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