A Brief History of the Organization

1989 — The Nevada State Legislature created Regional Planning to ensure Reno and Sparks coordinated efforts to manage growth in the Truckee Meadows, including a stipulation that we in the Truckee Meadows must define and monitor our area’s quality of life.  Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT) grew out of an economic development committee that realized quality of life mattered to businesses moving into our area. Founding members included:

  • Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (initial start-up prior to incorporation)
  • Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency (initial staffing and original indicator research)
  • Washoe Education Association (consistently high annual contributions)
  • Washoe Medical Center/ now Renown Health (initial grant funding 1996-2001)

1993 — TMT incorporated as an independent, nonprofit and helped select our area’s first quality of life indicators, asking “What matters most?” to nearly a 4,000 stakeholders.

1994 — TMT issued a prototype of the Indicators Report, which became the benchmark for our future indicator reporting efforts.

1997 — TMT published its first Quality of Life In The Truckee Meadows:  A Report To The Community, and in 1998, this report was used in the region-wide visioning process now known as “One Region. One Vision.”  TMT continues to publish annual reports to the community summarizing indicator trends.

2000 — TMT surveyed the community and reduced the 66 indictors by collapsing 30 into 6 quality of life categories that resonated with businesses and citizens.

2005-06 — TMT engaged the community in a major Quality of Life Task Force effort to update the indicators for more relevant, outcomes-based measures.  Again, thousands of citizens participated in this update process selecting 33 new community indicators, across 10 quality of life categories. TMT also adopted the new tagline “Engaging the Community. Measuring our Progress.” It crystallizes the organization’s mission and has helped citizens understand the important role TMT plays in our community now and in the future.

2007-08 — New indicators were researched and metrics reported in the comprehensive Community Wellbeing Report published in conjunction with Northern Nevada Business Weekly, January 2008.  TMT was honored in December 2008 with the Community Indicators Consortium’s , sponsored by the Brookings Institution, for using indicators to generate positive community change.

2009-13 — TMT changed it’s business model to sustain the community’s indicator project throughout Nevada’s devastating recession.

2014 — TMT re-engaged by celebrating its 20th nonprofit anniversary, hosting community forums, and beginning new roundtable luncheons.

2015 — TMT re-invented its website, increasing security, adding interactive data plots for subscriber use, and member data downloads from the cloud.

2016-17 — TMT began geo-tagging quality of life indicator-related data for data mapping visualization.

Future — Following years of growth, TMT will again re-engage residents of the Truckee Meadows to update the indicators to ensure relevant, outcomes-based measures that  better support quality of life improvement activities.

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