Alternative fueled vehicles

Updated 11/25/18

Alternatives to traditional transportation fuels is a new data measure. As additional data is available, TMT will continue to track this measure for northern Nevada. ranked Reno #50 on its green cities 2010 list based upon the percentage of searches for hybrid vehicles on its Web site.

The Energy Policy Act of 1992 mandates the Energy Information Administration collect data annually on the number of AFVs in use and amount of alternative transportation fuel consumed for a limited set of fleet user groups.

TransAtlas is an interactive map that uses a Google Maps interface to display existing and planned alternative fueling stations.”


  • *Total estimated AFV inventory by fleets and excludes vehicles in use by private citizens, non-fleet users, and those E85 flexible fuel vehicles estimated to be using only traditional gasoline or diesel fuel.

  • AFV = a vehicle designed to operate on an alternative fuel (e.g., compressed natural gas, propane, electricity). The vehicle can be either a dedicated vehicle designed to operate exclusively on alternative fuel or a non-dedicated designed to operate on alternative fuel and/or traditional fuel. Plug in hybrid electric vehicles are included because the primary input fuel is electricity. Gasoline and diesel-electric hybrids are not considered alternative fueled vehicles because the primary input fuel is not an alternative fuel.

  • AFV user = any entity (company or organization) that operated an on-road vehicle capable of consuming alternative fuel in the conduct of its business.


US Energy Information Administration, Renewable & Alternative Fuels, Alternative Vehicle Fuel Data

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