Employment by industry

Updated 8/17/18

While gaming and tourism have historically been the centerpieces of the region’s economy, efforts to diversify and capitalize on market and technological innovations are making headway. Washoe county covered employment saw the largest 1-year increase in mining jobs (albeit the smallest jobs sector), followed by construction which also included the biggest 5-year gain.

The 2015 Reno-Sparks MSA total industrial employment began positive gains again in 2012, and national economic-related rankings for the Reno area are generally positive.  Link to other rankings tracked by the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada.


  • Covered employment is the number of workers employed by employers subject to NRS612 during the pay period that includes the 12th day of the month. Excluded from coverage are self-employed, railroad workers, unpaid family workers, elected officials, agricultural labor on small farms, employees in small non-profit organizations, commissioned real estate workers, and some workers in religious organizations.

  • May not total due to rounding

  • MSA industrial employment = CES (establishment-based); non-ag employment by place of work; non-seasonally adjusted


Nevada Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation

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