Income inequality*

Updated 3/19/19 – *Note that this measure is also a economic determinant of health

The County Health Rankings (CHR) calculate an Income Inequality Ratio of county household income at the 80th percentile to that at the 20th percentile. The higher the ratio, the greater the inequality between the top and bottom household incomes. For Washoe County, the 80th percentile household income in the 2018 rankings was $108,751, increasing to $114,044 in the 2019 rankings; while the 20th percentile was $22,907 and $25,029 respectively. This disparity can result in increased health risks and reduced mortality, leading to financial consequences and distrust across communities. Top performing counties across the US have a ratio of 3.7, far lower than 4.6 for Washoe County.


  • 5-year estimates from the American Community Survey for household incomes  are used in the calculation of the ratio
  • The ACS estimates lagged 2 years behind the CHR reporting year


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