Owner-occupied housing

Updated 10/5/18

In 2000, 59% of occupied housing units in Washoe County were owner-occupied. According to the American Community Surveys, that percentage increased to 61% in 2006-07, but has since decreased, while renter-occupied housing units increased.  Changes can be related to the housing and financial downturn still affecting Nevada wages.

TMT initiated an Affordable Housing Quality of Life Compact at the end of 2004 with Charles Schwab Bank and its community partners to address housing affordable issues and attainable workforce housing. Since the community collaboration began and through 2009, over 400 units of affordable housing have been developed in Washoe County through Schwab Bank’s investing and lending partnerships, equating to more than $20 million in affordable home mortgages and $11.8 million in loans for affordable rental housing units.  Almost $2 million has been given to nonprofits and public agencies to build infrastructure and programs to serve the housing needs of more people.


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