Families in poverty*

Updated 9/22/18 – *Note that this measure is also a economic determinant of health

Although the American Community Survey census data is lagged, it indicates the percentage of families living in the most desperate situations. Community programs aimed at workforce development and literacy help reduce the percentage of families in poverty. In Washoe County, 15.6% of all people were estimated to be in poverty in 2014, which dropped to 13.7% in 2015, 12.2% in 2016, and 10.8% in 2017.

[Note that these poverty levels do not include the real dollars needed for families to pay for all basic needs—food, housing, transportation, child care, healthcare and housing.]

The US poverty threshold by family size in 2017:

$14,448 – 1 person / $12,752<65 years / $11,756 ≥65 years

$15,901 – 2 people / $16,414 <65 years / $14,816 ≥65 years

$24,858 – 2 adults + 2 children


US Census Bureau, American Community Survey (selected economic characteristics)

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