Recreational access rates*

Updated 3/24/19 – *Note that this measure is also a physical determinant of health

Access to local recreation facilities and playgrounds seems to be keeping pace with population growth in the region. Whether these facilities are in close proximity to residential areas is another question. Travel distance and time impact access to recreational opportunities.

For more information that parks can increase exercise, while providing economic benefits to communities, visit the Active Living infographic.


  • City of Sparks rate not calculated due to population below 100,000
  • Washoe County facilities include baseball & soccer fields; tennis courts & volleyball courts; special use, regional shooting & specialized childrens’ facilities; horse arenas; skateboard parks

  • City of Sparks includes athletic fields, tennis courts, community centers, rodeo arenas & sand volleyball courts
  • City of Reno includes parks facilities

The 2011 County Health Rankings began tracking a new recreation facilities access rate, which was continued in the 2012 and 2013 release. Ranking data are lagged 3-years. Measures changed starting with the 2014 rankings.


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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, County Health Rankings

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