Renewable energy sources

Updated 11/25/18

Renewable energy sources directly impact our health, economy and environment, and provide natural resource stewardship for future generations.  Renewable energy also plays a large role in job creation and workforce development, energy preparedness and safety, innovation and entrepreneurship, all necessary for Nevada to be economically competitive.

The Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) set by Nevada lawmakers starting 1997, has been fully supported by NV Energy (previously Sierra Pacific Resources) as responsible and sustainable energy strategy for the state.  Today, Nevada’s RPS requires NV Energy to supply at least 25% of retail energy sales from renewable sources by 2025; up to 25% can come from energy efficiency/conservation and a minimum of 6% must come from solar sources.  NV Energy surpassed the RPS standard in northern Nevada in 2008, but missed the mark in southern Nevada due to renewal project delays, cancellations or renewable energy under-production. The RPS standard has been met in northern Nevada every year since.

In the 2018 general election, voters approved increasing the RPS standard to 50% by 2025, but voters need to approve the measure a second time in the 2020 election before  the new standard becomes law.

NV Energy’s renewable energy sources map

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  • *Sierra Pacific Power only (prior to Nevada Power merger & change to NV Energy in 2008); NV Energy realized decreased demand for electricity in 2011 but an increase in 2012

  • Annually, Sierra Pacific Power, d/b/a NV Energy, generates approximately 61 % of needed electricity. The balance is purchased from a transmission network grid connected to various generating facilities in the western US. When purchased this way, electricity cannot be labeled as coming from any one particular source and is the average fuel mix from both the utility generation and the power purchased for the 12-month period


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