Smoking prevalence

Updated 5/14/17

Smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke impact health outcomes, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases and asthma. The Healthy People 2020 national target is to reduce the proportion of adult cigarette smoking to at least 12%. The reported portion of adult cigarette smokers in Washoe County has decreased along with the percentage of those who report smoking everyday, until 2015.  Adult smoking in Washoe County peaked in 1999 at 28.8%, as did the state of Nevada at 31.5%.  Nevada was second only to Kentucky in the percentage of adult smokers by 2001.

As a state with a high smoking prevalence, exposure to secondhand smoke is also greater, especially for children.  The World Health Organization reports global secondhand smoke risks and finding that correlate to half of the deaths from heart disease, cancer, lung infections and asthma, however, 15-states in the US continue to have no smoke-free bans exposing children and adults to health and related economic-risks.


  • 2014-15=Reno MSA, plus 2013 for Washoe County only


Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

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