Tax revenues

Updated 1/19/18

Although tax revenues are an economic indicator just as business growth, taxes are fixed, so its unclear if it’s better if tax revenues go up or down.  The proportion of revenues from the gaming tax has decreased consistently since 2004, and almost every state now has some for of gaming, reducing Nevada tourism. Nevada has no personal income tax; overall, this creates a high sales tax burden for Nevada residents.  The 2001 intention to reduce dependence on property taxes through caps, in conjunction with declining property values throughout the recession, left local government with tax deficits, while population increases continue to burden service delivery. Nevada surely needs a more diversified, functional tax structure for the future.


  • Distribution of state taxes pursuant to the Local Government Tax Act of 1991 and 1993 (also known as Fairshare or AB104)


Nevada consolidated tax distribution (Local Government Tax Act)

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