Teen birth rate

Updated 12/29/18

Washoe County’s teen birth rate is consistently below Clark County and Carson City, as well as the state of Nevada.  The same is true for Washoe County’s teen pregnancy rate, which has dropped by 59% since 2000.

Nevada had the highest pregnancy rate in the nation for teens aged 15-19 in 2000, and was 8th in the nation that year for teen births in the same age group.  However, since Nevada’s peak in 1991, the state’s birth rate per 1,000 age specific teens 15-19 dropped by almost 60%, and is now close to the US rate.

According to CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics final birth year reports, the US birth rate peaked in 1991 at 61.8 births per 1,000 age specific teenage girls 15-19, steadily declining until it rose in 2006 for the first time in 15 years.  Since then, the rate has continued to decline.


  • Annual data presented above from various sources differ according to collection by the place of birth or the mother’s place of residence.
  • Kids Count data are 3-year averages
  • America’s Health Rankings are lagged 3-years
  • NCHS 2016 data is preliminary

Brookings Child Trends, Research Brief, July 2014, Publication #2014-27, “What if you earned a diploma and delayed parenthood?” found that delaying childbirth can reduce the risk of poverty, as well as future teen births. [The Social Genome Model, originally developed at the Brookings Institution and based at the Urban Institute is a collaborative effort of the Brookings Institution, Child Trends, and the Urban Institute, with support from the JPB Foundation through the Brookings Institution and the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy]

Nevada Teen Pregnancy, December 2013, National Conference of State Legislatures report

Nevada taxpayer estimated costs associated with teen childbearing according to The National Campaign to Reduce Teen Pregnancy:

  • 2004 ~ $36 million (54% federal and 46% state and local costs)
  • 2008 ~ $84.3 million (51% federal and 49% state and local costs)
  • 2010 ~ $68 million; reduction due to Nevada’s teen birth rate declining 48% between 1991 and 2010


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