Transportation mode split

Updated 10/15/18

According to US Census Bureau, American Community Surveys there was about a 2.8% increase in the number of car, truck or van drivers who reported driving alone from 2005 to 2017; and bicycling increased 0.50%.

In the future, it would be interesting to identify the percentage of residents who live within 1/4 mile of an RTC public transportation bus stop and ride the bus to work, since 78% of workers over 16 years and older drove to work alone in 2018.

The 2035 Regional Transportation Plan set a 10% performance target for alternative mode share use by 2035 in the transit service area. The previous 2030 plan set non-auto mode split goals of 3% by 2012; 4% by 2020; and 6% by 2030.


  • Public transit excludes taxi


US Census Bureau, American Community Surveys

How would you rate your satisfaction with your access to reliable transportation (MarkeTec phone survey for TMT, December 2007)?



How would you rate your satisfaction with your access to affordable transportation?



What barriers prevent you from better utilizing the public transportation system?

No need for public transportation 51.8%
Convenience/proximity of bus stops 25.8%
Knowledge of bus routes 6.2%
No service/access 3%
Safety 1.8%
Time 1.6%
Health 1.6%
Money/cost 1%
Don't like 0.4%

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