UNR graduate plans

Updated 5/12/17

Although more than half of UNR graduate applicants plan to work in Nevada, far more will likely work in the region. The UNR Office of University Assessment, alumni survey report on employment of undergraduate and graduate degree recipients from August 2000-December 2009 (total number of respondent interviews = 10,954 our of 21,000 grads) reported the majority of alumns working in Nevada (for additional findings):

  • 792/ 9% reported “location” as the main reason for choosing their current position
  • 6,697/ 76% employed in Nevada
  • 2,836/ 80% public sector vs. 3,861/74% private sector
  • 5,099/ 76% employed in Washoe County
  • 461/ 7% in Carson City
  • 467/ 7% in Clark County

UNR Career Development reports that internships are the number one way that employers identify new employees. Employers also rate participating in an internship as the top career development tool you can utilize. The university offers credit for internships through its Career Development Internship Program Course, ACE 400.


UNR Office of University Assessment

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