WIC (women, infants & children)*

Updated 2/5/19 – *Note that this measure is also a social & physical determinant of health

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) is a federally funded short-term nutrition program operated through the Nevada Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Public & Behavioral Health. Its objective is to improve the health of pregnant women, infants and children who are eligible for the program by providing supplemental nutritious foods, nutrition education, and other health and social services. WIC is cost-effective. By reducing the incidence of low birth weight, premature babies and infant mortality, WIC generates significant savings in reduced healthcare costs, estimated at $1.92–$4.21 savings in Medicaid for every dollar spent on pregnant women and their newborns. Increased prenatal care, improved diet and increase breastfeeding duration also result in positive health outcomes.


  • Does not include Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada (ITCN) WIC participants for Washoe County
  • Washoe County participants were counted once per year, regardless if multiple clinic visits in a year 


USDA, Food & Nutrition Services, state/annual data;

Federal Research & Action Center

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