Youth reported sexual behaviors

Updated 8/19/18

According to  the WCSD, Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), the number of high school students reporting that they have ever had sexual intercourse continues to decline.

Following the alarming 2009 YRBS results, TMT worked with the WCSD to initiate a 2010 community partners task force to undertake education, intervention and prevention activities directed at reversing earlier trends. Over 25 organizations participated in the task force and worked to launch a community education campaign including Nevada students.  Student newspaper staffs were recruited, provided with all the YRBS data and information, and encouraged to creatively explore and propose solutions to the trends (also including risky suicide and substance abuse behaviors).  A “Stop Youth Risk Behavior” Day was also initiated for the Nevada Legislature.  The 2011 YRBS results indicated that the work of these organizations, students and WCSD are making a difference and many of the alarming 2009 trends were moving in a more positive direction, as demonstrated in the 2015 and 2017 survey results. However, the number of students reporting sex before age 13 increased in the 2017 survey, along with not using birth control.


  • YRBS is conducted in odd numbered years
  • Not all questions are asked in every survey year; questions may also change


Washoe County School District, Youth Risk Behavior Surveys

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