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Air Quality Data

The Pollution Standard Index measures the region's air quality that affects the health of our more vulnerable citizens and impacts an active outdoor lifestyle, important for tourism and attracting young professional to the region.
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average reduction in toxic & polluting emissions -- updated 7/27/14
air quality -- updated 7/29/14

average reduction in toxic & polluting emissions -- updated 7/27/14

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NV Energy has reduced the total volume of toxic and polluting emission from its energy generation plants, including sulfur dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen Oxide (NoX) and Particulate Matter (PM10), solid or liquid matter responsible for respiratory health impacts.

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air quality -- updated 7/29/14

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The National Ambient Air Quality Standards (previously Pollution Standard Index) measures the region’s air quality that affects our health and outdoor lifestyle, important for tourism and attracting young professionals to the region. Federal Air Quality regulations have made a big difference in our region’s air quality and Washoe County tracks and produces a 10-year trend report for pollutants.

In the late 1980s, we had 13 and 14 days a year with unhealthful air quality; several times we exceeded federal pollution standards for carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM). Today, “red” air quality days are generally linked to wild fires. This indicator is influenced by weather, vehicle miles traveled, congestion, public transportation, alternative transportation, smoke from wild fires or controlled burns or fireplaces, industries, and even how often the roads are sanded. Small particulate matter (PM) are particularily dangereous because they can enter the bloodsteam by passing through the lungs.  Ozone, which particularily affects people with asthma, is typically a summer phenomena from vehicle exhaust, heat, sunlight and wind-carried pollutants from other metropolitan areas.

Unhealthy days for sensitive groups in 2013 were directly influenced by wildfires in northern and central in August and September;  2012 unhealthy days were due to dry stagnant air, high winds blowing sand, and wild fires. Unhealthy days in June-July 2008 were related to wild fires in northern California. The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to establish National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and communities with populations larger than 350,000 must report air quality to the public daily.

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