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Arts & Cultural vitatlity

Arts and Cultural Vitality. It makes us human, engages us socially, preserves our authenticity, heritage and traditions. It is a vital component of leisure and a thriving economy. The cultural community provides a wide variety of high-quality fine arts and folk arts to the largest possible audiences; accessible to all citizens at many facilities, and integrated into our educational curriculum in a systematic manner at all levels. Business and government recognize and support the economic, social and spiritual benefits of developing cultural resources within our community.

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Expression of Culture Through the Arts
Civic investment and grants allow for public art, tours in historical areas, cultural & arts districts, and multiple venues for expression.  Expression of Culture through the arts is a new indicator identified by the community in the 2006 update process.  Data measures have been identified, researched, and civic investment funding and grants support for the arts identified as the easest to track on a consistent basis.

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Participation in the Arts & Cultural activities
Richard Florida writes in The Creative Compact that our future economic prosperity turns on making the most of each and every human being’s talents and energies . . . .  At its core, the Creative Compact would ensure the right of each and every American to fully develop and utilize their creativity and fully express their values and identity.  The freedom and support to create art is central to that compact.

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