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Education & Lifelong Learning

Education and Lifelong Learning. Skills to be a productive citizen that include self-sufficiency, economic contribution, and personal enrichment. Ready for life. Respect for all types of education that allows an individual to realize his/her potential and earn a living wage: primary, secondary, higher education and lifelong learning; vocational and occupational; professional; gifted, talented and special education. Quality of life means everyone has access to quality educational opportunities throughout their lives. Education prepares us for life, enhancing our enjoyment and understanding of our diverse world. Education equips us with the ability to learn, think, and access information in order to make effective decisions. Our library system is a doorway to our heritage and our future offering boundless opportunities for discovery and growth.

Indicators in this category:

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Educational Infrastructure to Meet Community Needs
School capacity vs. enrollment, including technology for learning and other specialized needs signify access to educational opportunities to be ready for life. This is a new indicator identified by the community in the 2006 update process.

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Educational Success
Graduating from high school, higher education and formal training, in addition to educational attainment, imply skills for employment, social responsibility and economic self-sufficiency.

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Community Wide Involvement in Education
Parental involvement in their children's education, volunteering in schools, supporting the local education system, and business collaboration with education all enhance education as students see parents as role models along side generous community leaders.

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Literate Community
Functional literacy and quality libraries are some of the keys to educational success, including the ability to complete GED programs. This is a new indicator identified by the community in the 2006 update process.  Data measures have been identified but few metrics are currently available.

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