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Quality of Life Indicators

Public Wellbeing

Public Wellbeing. Safe neighborhoods, schools and workplaces; secure families and vibrant tourism which encourages visitors to enjoy the outdoor experience and feel confident visiting the region's attractions. People enjoy their communities deeply with freedom from fear about personal safety and security of property. The community accepts and exercises responsibility for their needs, cares for the community's most vulnerable, and ensures that others are provided opportunities to achieve their full potential in a nurturing environment.

Indicators in this category:

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Perception of Safety
While the Uniform Crime Index and crime rates track reported crime over time, the "feeling of safety" has more of an impact on an individual's daily life;  seniors can be more self-sufficient in safe neighborhoods, students can focus on learning in safe schools, employees can be productive traveling safely to work, and families can feel safe at home from forest fires;  at the same time, average fire, police and ambulance response times reflect quality emergency services in the community.

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Secure Families
Substantiated and reported cases of child, spousal/partner, senior abuse and neglect are indicators of volatile family situations;  shelter capacity, motions and orders granted indicate that support services are in place for families in need.

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Community Responsiveness to its Most Vulnerable Populations
The annual Reno Alliance for the Homeless count plus Washoe County School District count of students without shelter, basic food security and poverty measures, in conjunction with the resolution of local 2-1-1 issues indicate the community's response family difficulties.

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