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Residents on Truckee River kayaking.

Truckee Meadows Tomorrow is a grassroots non-profit organization committed to measuring critical quality of life data in our community for more than 25 years. 

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Truckee Meadows Tomorrow is looking for it's next Executive Director to build upon TMT’s momentum, increasing its resources for the community and position the organization as a well-known and respected leader in Northern Nevada.

The Executive Director of Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT) will report to, and work collaboratively with, the Board of Directors in serving the Community of Northern Nevada.

Executive Director Position Summary

The TMT Executive Director is responsible for leading daily operations of TMT, achieving fundraising goals, managing the organization’s finances and budget, and creating strategies that contribute to the long-term sustainability of the organization.

The Executive Director is experienced with the management of non-profit organizations and has a proven track record of securing gifts, collaborating with numerous community stake-holders, overseeing and creating a budget and financial records, implementing a strategic vision, managing and implementing projects, and engaging the community. The Executive Director works closely with the Board of Directors to communicate and achieve the mission and vision, advance strategic priorities and provide the necessary administrative oversight for Truckee Meadows Tomorrow. This position has overall responsibility for the leadership and management of the organization and its programs and services provided. The Executive Director is also responsible for being the face and voice of the organization.


Fundraising & Development

  • Create and execute a fundraising plan to retain and recruit new donors, granters, sponsors, and other philanthropic support

  • Research, write proposals, and apply for grants; coordinate grants management for compliance

  • Represent the organization to potential donors and         partners

  • Maintain donor information systems and databases

  • Research, develop and execute strategic partnerships       related to fee-for-service including but not limited to   custom dashboards, custom social media content, public   speaking events, custom data reports, etc.

  • Develop partnerships with company stakeholders, shareholders, industry regulators and other relevant parties

Budgeting & Fiscal Management

  • Oversee the financial status of the organization including developing long and short-range financial plans, monitoring the budget and ensuring sound financial controls are in place

  • Prepare an annual TMT budget for the Treasurer and Board approval

  • Set financial priorities to ensure operations support the needs of the program

  • Plan, prepare, direct, monitor and report on the organizational budget(s) and financial matters

  • Maintain TMT financial accounting/reporting systems, banking/bill pay requirements, and monthly/annual financial reports for the Treasurer and Board

  • Coordinate with outside CPA firm, as approved by the Board, for the preparation of the organization's annual tax return and audit, as needed


Public Relations & Communications

  • Act as TMT's spokesperson

  • Increase awareness of TMT through presentations to key stakeholders, participating in events, and other strategies

  • Lead media relations

  • Maintain and update TMT’s online presence including but not limited to TMT’s website, the Data Portal, social media channels, YouTube channels and any other media representations of the organization

  • Strategic Vision and Leadership - Organizational Management

  • Responsible for carrying out the mission, vision, strategic priorities, policies, procedures and programs established in consultation with the Boards of Directors

  • Negotiation, preparation and renewal of service contracts and agreements

  • Attend all meetings of the Boards of Directors and Board Committees

  • Perform all duties of the office of the Executive Director and other duties as prescribed by the Boards of Directors from time to time.

  • Serve in accordance with Board policies governing conflict of interest, accountability and delegation of authority

  • Formulate and execute marketing, branding and development strategies.

  • Coordinate the delivery of programs


Administrative Systems

  • Administer and comply with all legal, fiscal and reporting requirements in accordance with state and federal 501(c)3 regulations, utilizing best management and accounting practices

  • Coordinate TMT's records management (e.g., minutes, financial reports, etc.)


Project Management

  • Maintain operability of the TMT Data Platform/websites

  • Development and enhancement of TMT dashboards

  • Assuring quality of data present on TMT Data



  • Execution and implement of TMT events and programs

Required Qualifications:

  • An equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential job duties and responsibilities

  • At least 10 years of progressive nonprofit or for-profit experience

  • Experience raising substantial funds from individuals, foundations, and corporations

  • Strong public speaking ability

  • Outstanding presentation and communication skills

  • Professional written communication skills

  • Fiscal management experience

  • Ability to work effectively and proactively with other providers and local, state and federal entities

  • A working knowledge of practices, procedures and systems relating to the non-profit field

  • Ability to organize, prioritize and handle multiple projects simultaneously

  • Must be a self-starter who can initiate projects and move them forward

  • Experience working closely and collaboratively with Boards of Directors

  • Ability to work a flexible work schedule including evenings and weekends

  • Ability to learn website management and updates and other media platforms

Desired Skills:

  • Marketing/branding experience

  • Experience with diversity, equity, and inclusion issues

  • Experience with data analytics


Salary range of $70,000 - $100,000 depending on experience. Bonuses dependent upon revenue goals.


To Apply:
Please email TMT’s Executive Search Task Force Chair, Nick Tscheekar, a resume, cover letter, and two professional references by May 26, 2023:


Job Type: Full-time 

Pay: $70,000.00 - $100,000.00 per year


Our Mission:

To enhance our quality of life by providing accurate, timely, and objective data as the basis for community engagement and dialogue.

Our Vision: 

TMT is the independent, trusted organization that gathers, manages, and shares quality of life data to inform and foster positive change in the community.

What We Do:

  • Measure our progress using the Community Data Exchange Tool

  • Engage the community so that the data is shared and can be better understood

  • Educate the community on the indicators of quality of life

  • Advocate for action to positively impact the quality of life

In 1989, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT) was crafted by an Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) committee in response to research showing the quality of life as a significant reason businesses relocated to the region. TMT started as an “organization of organizations” whose members helped spread the idea at the grassroots level that indicators could be of use to measure the region’s quality of life in relation to the impacts of growth. The original partnering organizations included Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency, EDAWN, Washoe Medical Center (now Renown Health), and the Washoe Education Association.​​

Now more than 25 years later, TMT is still the leading source of community quality of life data and conduit for meaningful conversation in northern Nevada.  Our two latest offerings — the Community Data Exchange Tool and the Community Conversation Speaker Series — are examples of our cutting-edge innovations designed to meet your needs.

Mission & History

For the past 25 years, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow has connected with the residents of our Truckee Meadows community to uncover what matters most to the people who live, work, and play here.

TMT has focused outreach efforts in many ways to better engage with the community. From creating Community Compacts and Quality of Life Reports to grand events such as Accentuate the Positive and our latest initiative — the Community Conversation Speaker Series — TMT has used community dialogue to inspire action for a better Nevada of tomorrow.


Data only tells one side of the story. Community engagement and action — using data to drive effective decision-making — is what transforms communities for the positive. That is what TMT does.  


Engaging the Community


Truckee Meadows Tomorrow believes that data drives progress. Measuring what matters helps us affect social change, and that data is accessible to everyone. Our goal with this site is to create a website through which stakeholders in Northern Nevada, and the entire state, can better collaborate to address priority community quality of life issues. This site offers the whole community access to the critical data needed to affect social change for improved quality of life.

Truckee Meadows Tomorrow is a community-wide initiative that provides a dynamic, interactive information platform with easy-to-understand local quality of life data for all northern Nevadans. ​

This website plays a vital role in our community. We offer a trustworthy, independent, non-partisan, non-biased, grassroots, community-led, “one-stop-shop” site for stakeholders and the community to access critical data needed to prioritize, address, and advocate for quality of life issues.

The target audience for this site is our entire community — agencies, government, non-profit, private and public sector, citizens, corporations, etc.


TMT is a model for community change, but we can only do this important work with your financial support. By investing in TMT, these generous supporters improve where we all live, learn, work, enrich our lives, raise families, and care for others. 

It’s our community—together, we can make it better. 

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