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Nevada Tomorrow

Community Data Tool. provides a free, dynamic, easy to use, one-stop digital resource for access to community quality of life data. Here you will find up-to-date demographic, environmental, economic, educational, health, social determinant and equity data that compares local, state, and national goals and prior values, side­by­side.

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COVID-19 Data for Washoe County

Find Vulnerable Communities for Future Action. See our county’s risk for severe illness burden due to COVID-19 based on trends in reported COVID-19 cases and deaths, clinical risk factors, and social and economic determinants. Updated every day.

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Community Dashboards

Find the data that matters to you on these custom Washoe County dashboards.  From Economic Wellbeing to Land Use and Infrastructure you will find the most relevant, up to date, and user-friendly data right at your fingertips.  


See Local Progess

See great community work being done by local agencies, organizations and government that improve our collective quality of life. Links to city, county, regional, and state data provided as well. 

Beach Cleanup

Promising Practices

The Promising Practices database informs professionals and community members about documented approaches to improving community health and quality of life.

The ultimate goal is to support the systematic adoption, implementation, and evaluation of successful programs, practices, and policy changes. The database provides carefully reviewed, documented, and ranked practices that range from good ideas to evidence-based practices.


Funding Opportunities

Explore funding opportunities that can help you improve the health and well-being of your community. Funding opportunities are organized topically and include both government and foundation funding opportunities. Funding opportunities are added to the list on a regular basis and automatically removed when they expire.