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For almost 30 years, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT) has taken on the charge of creating a stronger community. By focusing on extensive collaboration with local partner agencies, businesses, government officials, schools, community coalitions, and other stakeholders, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow is dedicated to addressing the most significant challenges of our community. An essential historical part of this work has been the publication of what was formerly called the Community Wellbeing Report. For decades TMT published this critical report as a resource for our community. However, it has been nearly a decade since the past publication date of this type of report. With enormous changes in the Truckee Meadows since then, our community craves much needed-engagement and information to help guide our growth in an informed and strategic manner. We hope this reborn Community Progress Report served that need. 

Truckee Meadows Tomorrow is an organization all about community partnerships. Thus, we are thrilled to initiate this first-ever partnership with the United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra. For nearly three decades, TMT has measured our community's progress on key quality of life indicators. These indicators represent our community value system. They're the things we all care about both for ourselves today and for our children tomorrow. Likewise, since 1942, the United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra (UWNNS) has brought people together to give, advocate, and volunteer in ways that help children, families, and individuals realize their full potential.

In partnership with United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow is at the forefront of community-wide service, engagement, and education. However, this work only continues to grow thanks to the efforts of its Community Partners and other stakeholders. 

This report provides information on education, safety, health, economics, and other topics to bring awareness to the many needs of our Truckee Meadows community. By identifying and understanding these underlying issues and problems, we can begin to work towards building a better community for all. We are asking the simple yet challenging questions:


How are we doing?
How do we measure it?
Why is it important?
How do we improve?

These data indicators offer you a place to begin. Meaningful change starts with you. We hope that you will take this report personally. Visit the TMT and UWNN websites to learn more about our work to improve the community. Collaborate with your neighbors. Volunteer at, give to, and get involved in local non-profit organizations. Invest in local businesses. Get out and attend local events. Engage in our political process. Vote. Together, let's improve the quality of life in our community.


TMT and UWNNS are authorities, change agents, and advocates for improving the community's quality of life through collaboration and partnership. Through TMT and UWNNS, our community is performing groundbreaking work in identifying community needs, shaping partnerships, and implementing solutions to preserve and enhance the great way of life we share in the Truckee Meadows. If you care about high-quality Nevada living, please read about what we are up to and join us!

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This report covers our performance on measures of community well-being in ten focus areas. However, we all know that everything is interconnected. How well our schools prepare students affects our region's ability to attract high-quality business, which in turn impacts our support for protecting and preserving our natural environment and investment in the arts and culture of our community.


It is also important to note that we can also make a difference in these focus areas. Many areas show improvement in response to specific programs, initiatives, and policy decisions. One person, one business, one agency, or one non-profit can make a difference.


You can take it further. Take a look at the work you are already doing to make our community a better place to live. When you add your efforts to those of others, we will begin to see real differences in our community.


TMT tracks more than 350 individual quality of life indicators via, TMT's Community Data Portal. Each year we update the numbers that reflect our community's quality of life and how it is changing. Every year we ask, "How are we doing?" and "How do we know?" The region's performance on our quality of life indicators is the "by the numbers" part of the answer.

But there is a lot more to the story.

This report focuses on ten indicator categories, including Health & Wellness, Education & Lifelong Learning, and Natural Environment. We have grouped indicators into these concentrated areas to help you clearly understand and see trends. A steering committee of 12 community leaders helped TMT and UWNNS identify the 4-6 key data measures that best represent trends in our community. Each category has its own page that provides an overview and details of key indicators and a link to additional data measures should you desire a deep dive into community data on our Community Data Portal.

The categorical pages will detail the area's performance in that category and examples of organizations and individuals working to improve our scores. We hope you will see how you can contribute, too.

Again, TMT and UWNNS aim to identify the answers to the critical questions:

How are we doing?
How do we measure it?
Why is it important?
How do we improve?

You can use this report to inspire you to action or better understand the areas that need the most work. Good data is an essential starting point for developing a successful plan of action to really move the needle toward a bright and healthy future.

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The Community Progress Steering Committee has developed a list of approximately 50 indicators that represent the most comprehensive picture of what is happening in our community - right here, right now. For ease of understanding, this list is only representative - and not fully inclusive - of all the data available. Links to view more data are available on each category's landing page.

Truckee Meadows Tomorrow and United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra exist to enhance our community's quality of life. There are amazing changes taking place in our community. Whether you have lived in the Truckee Meadows for a brief time or many years, only you can appreciate how the nature of "change" influences personal perceptions of our community's quality of life. 

This report details approximately 50 indicators broken out into ten categories representing our collective quality of life. The indicators all meet the criteria of a "good" measure for quality of life. Each indicator is:



Our collective efforts deliver results; even so, there is room for improvement.


Indicators reflect success or serve as an early warning sign to redouble our efforts.



Data must be reliable and consistent and encourage tracking over time.


The data in this report is topical, timely, and current. TMT and UWNNS continually identify key community priorities for improvement and invite collaborations - supported by action plans - aiming to deliver results you want to see in your community. 

See the Quality of Life categories below and their associated indicators. As you continue to scroll, you will find separate sections for each quality of life category. Click each category icon to view the indicators and data. 

Quality of Life Graphic, Community Report


Additionally, we have given each quality of life category a "How Are We Doing?" rating, demonstrated by a "happy face" scale from happy to neutral to sad. This "How Are We Doing?" rating is a quick and easy-to-reference composite of the indicators in that quality of life category. 

We hope you enjoy learning more about how our community is doing in terms of quality of life.

"How Are We Doing?"

Demographics Graphic


Good Grading Scale Image
Good Scale Marker
Health & Wellness Graphic

Health Insurance
Causes of Death
Public Health Spending
Access to Care Providers

Happy Face - Good Scale Graphic Rating
Good Scale Rating
Poverty & Housing Graphic
Poor Scale Rating
Unhappy Face - Poor Scale Rating Graphic
Economic Wellbeing Graphic
OK Scale Rating
OK Face  Graphic, mid-range
Education & Lifelong Learning Graphic

Per-Pupil Expenditure
People with Higher Ed Degrees
Elementary School Proficiency
Proficiency State Comparison
High School Graduation

Happy Face - Good Scale Graphic
Good Scale Rating
Natural Environment Graphic
Fantastic Grading Scale Graphic
Fantastic Face rating Graphic
Land Use & Infrastructure

Commute Times
Park Acreage
Bike Lanes & Pedestrian Ways
Food Equity
Community Growth

Happy Face - Good Scale Rating
Good Scale Rating
Public Safety
Ok Face Graphic - Mid Range
OK/Satisfactory Community Scale Rating
Behavioral Health Category
Poor/Unsatisfactory Community Scale Rating
Poor/Unsatisfactory Face
Civic & Neighborhood Engagement Category

Voter Turnout
Parks & Playgrounds

Excellent Community Scale Rating
Excellent Face
Public Protest for Indigenous Rights


2020 Census

The census is our #1 community tool to ensure we have the state and federal resources we need to serve our population accurately. The household information provided dictates how many state and national representatives we are allocated, how much state and federal funding our community gets for hospitals, roads, free lunch programs, and more. The census reports lower response rates than hoped for, but specific results have yet to be released.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

TMT and UWNNS continue to evaluate our role in diversity, equity, and inclusion across the Truckee Meadows. Taking this work beyond a diversity statement is vital and is at the top of our priority list. Initial efforts, starting with our board of trustees and community education, are in progress with the goal of implementation in 2022-23.

Updated Data

2021 County Health Rankings, updated quality of life data, educational statistics post-COVID-19, local economic information, and employment statistics are being monitored for future reports. Hopefully, as agencies and organizations have time to focus on data other than what pertains to COVID-19, more regular research and reports will continue and become available.


Nonprofit Revenue Recovery

Many nonprofits, including United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra and Truckee Meadows Tomorrow, saw decreases in revenue throughout 2020 and 2021. However, rebounding and recovering the funds lost will be critical to the survival and sustainability of many programs and services across the Truckee Meadows.

Arts & Culture

Thriving arts and culture have always been essential to the fabric of our northern Nevada community. However, good data that reflects the impacts of the arts and events on our community is hard to come by. TMT plans to partner with local arts organizations to understand better the intersection of art and culture, our sense of place and belonging, and our economic engine. 



Nonprofits across Truckee Meadows depend on volunteers to run their organizations, serve clients, and further their mission. Yet, both the Nevada and national rates of volunteers giving their time and talent to nonprofits have declined since 2002. Find a cause that speaks to you and get involved. The Community Foundation of Northern Nevada or United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra are great places to get started.


Financial gifts to Truckee Meadows Tomorrow, United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra and other nonprofits help ensure greater program sustainability and are crucial to creating positive change in the Truckee Meadows.


Policies and legislation create the systems we live by every day. Find the issues you care about, do the research, vote, and speak to legislators and representatives about what is best for your clients. A government is only as good as its people – so let's do our part.


There is no shame in needing help. Whether with mental health, physical health, parenting skills, education, job skills, access to food, or any other need, there are people who are willing to help. Call 2-1-1 to get started. 



We never know the struggles each of us goes through daily. COVID-19, racial injustice, and political unrest have our country in turmoil. A little kindness, some grace, and a lot of hope can go a long way. 

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We are so grateful for the support of our corporate and agency partners, who are committed to helping people, strengthening families, and building a stronger, healthier, and safer community. Together, we are helping to develop the Nevada of tomorrow. 

You, too, can become a TMT partner! Become a Sponsor today!

Sponsors of Truckee-Meadows Tomorrow


Thank you to the teams at Truckee Meadows Tomorrow and United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra who worked tirelessly to bring this exceptional project to life.  Special thanks go to Erica Mirich and Sarah Gobbs-Hill of TMT and Ashley Cabrera and Christian Villagomez of UWNNS.


 TMT and UWNNS Boards of Directors who supported the creation of this report.

Truckee Meadows Tomorrow Board of Directors

Annie Zucker, President, Renown Health

Dennyse Sewell, Vice President, Pioneer Center

Susan Kaiser, Secretary, Washoe Retired Education Association

Michele Montoya, Treasurer, Nevada Women's Fund

Michael Brazier, Children's Cabinet (formerly President & CEO of UWNNS)

Kevin Dick, Washoe County Health District

Dr. Norris DuPree, WCSD & Pursuing Vision

Kerry Eaton, Drinkwater Eaton

Edward Estipona, Estipona Group

Chonny Sousa, TMRPA

Ray Gonzalez, Wells Fargo Wealth Advisors

Nick Tscheekar, Community Foundation of Northern Nevada

United Way of Northern Nevada & Sierra Board of Directors

Jesse Murray, Chair, NV Energy

Dr. Jonathan Moore, Vice Chair, NV Department of Education

Dr. Summer Stephens, Vice Chair, Churchill County School District

Bryce Warner, Secretary, LP Insurance Services

Bill Saylor, Treasurer, CPA, Barnard Vogler & Company

Priscilla Bender, Community Volunteer

Danielle Brown, UPS

Yuli Chavez Camarena, TMCC

Jodi Cody, NMLS #1516670, Bank of America

Scott Crawford, Wells Fargo

Kristopher Dahir, City of Sparks

Colonel Mary Devine, National Guard

Dianne Fernandez-Paiz, Estipona Group

Larry Harvey, Reno Tahoe Airport Authority

Tomi Jo Lynch, SVN/Gold Dust Commercial Associates

Michael McDonald, U.S. Bank

Tom Pfoh, Community Volunteer

Jeff Scott, Washoe County Library System

Will Stednick, Scheels

McKayla Stutz, Charles Schwab

Luke Walker, Esq., Gunderson Law Firm

Additional thanks to Erica Mirich and her team at PIVOT Creative & Consulting for providing creative and communications direction. Thank you for turning our text and data document to technicolor!

TMT is grateful to the incredible creatives who bring our community to life.


Special thanks to muralists Joe C. Rock and Erik Burke for the use of their incredible art and to the other photographers who capture our amazing community for the world to marvel.


Thank you to the members of the 2022 Community Progress Report Steering Committee. These volunteers dedicated valuable time to help identify and select the quality of life indicators you find in this report. Their charge was to choose 4-5 indicators for each focus area that collectively represent a sense of how we are doing as a community within each area. We thank them for their thoughtful insight.

2022 Community Progress Report Steering Committee

Lt. Governor Kate Marshall

Mike Kazmierski, EDAWN

Annie Zucker, Renown Health

Jeremy Smith, Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency

Katie Naninni, NV Energy

Erin Dixon, Washoe County Health District

Julie Murray, Moonridge Group

Erica Mirich, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow

Michael Brazier, United Way of Northern Nevada & Sierra

TMT Sun now letters transparent 2_edited
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