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Thank you NV Energy!

Thanks @nvenergy for your sustaining support!

NV Energy is a lead sponsor of Truckee Meadows Tomorrow and our mission to democratize community data. In fact, they have supported TMT for more than 15 years! We could not do it without your incredible support.

The first priority and use of NV Energy's support was for our Community Data Portal. With their help, our goal during the pandemic was to help agencies locate and assist those who may be most at risk of going without the most basic needs during this pandemic. We provide our community with insights to help us focus efforts on those populations that are most vulnerable.

Our data offers a unique resource that provides actionable information to locate those who are currently most at risk of facing unmet social and health needs due to current COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. Advanced modeling and data analysis also help organizations protect and save lives by allowing them to identify communities at risk of severe illness during future COVID-19 outbreaks. Organizations including health departments, emergency operations response teams, hospitals and health systems, state and local elected officials and community-based organizations can access the website to find populations at immediate risk. may be used to plan ongoing prevention efforts in order to minimize future deaths and hospitalizations due to the disease.

The second priority was to engage our community in relevant and ongoing community issues during the period of extreme isolation. Through our Community Conversation Speaker Series we were able to provide nine separate events - all online and free to the public - to keep our neighbors educated about our region's most pressing social issues. Our highly popular “Community Conversations” speaker series is where we bring the data to life, inviting community leaders and experts to a monthly conversation about the most pressing obstacles and opportunities the community is facing. Participants discuss everything from Arts & Culture to Education to Mental Health and Teen Suicide to Post-COVID Economic Recovery, shedding light on the ways in which our community is responding to and overcoming challenges. Over 1,000 audience members participated in this speaker series in 2020. When COVID-19 forced a statewide shutdown of in-person events, TMT quickly pivoted our series to an online platform, giving these essential conversations new life and a widespread audience.

We are grateful for the sustaining support from NV Energy that allows us to continue these critical efforts.

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