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See where the next evolution of Truckee Meadows Tomorrow will take us with our new 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. 

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Greetings Community Members,


I love living in our Truckee Meadows Community. We are fortunate to have access to amazing outdoor recreation, opportunities for lifelong learning and world-class art and culture in our community.  For over 25 years, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT) has been an innovative organization focused on identifying and measuring our shared quality of life. While our process for engaging the community and tracking quality of life may have changed over the years, our shared vision and passion for our community has always remained steadfast, to provide objective, trusted data measures that empower residents to improve our quality of life.


Our 2020 Strategic Plan is long overdue and is our first comprehensive strategic plan in nearly 10 years. Despite the challenges we have all faced in 2020, TMT continues to move forward and achieve success. Staying true to our legacy of keeping community at the heart of our work, in 2020 we pivoted our in-person community conversations to virtual community conversations. Our data platform, Nevada Tomorrow still tracks our quality of life indicators but now contains more metrics, is easier to access, and freely available for anyone to use and provides critical data needed for grant proposals, community reports or needs assessments. 

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Marlene Rebori 

President of the Truckee Meadows Tomorrow

Board of Directors

We continue to build partnerships to track and share data that our members and sponsors have come to expect as the oldest quality of life indicators organization in the nation.


On behalf of the TMT Board of Directors, I encourage you to review our 2020 strategic plan. Explore where we’re headed and join with us as we take steps toward a brighter, more diverse and engaged community working to improve our quality of life for all residents.



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Marlene Rebori 

President, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow Board of Directors


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Truckee Meadows Tomorrow is the independent, trusted organization that gathers, manages and shares quality of life data to inform and foster positive change in the community.


Our goal is to provide stakeholders in Northern Nevada, and the entire State, an opportunity to better collaborate and address priority community quality of life issues. We offer the entire community access to the critical data needed to affect social change for improved quality of life.

In 1989, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT) was crafted out of an Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) committee in response to research showing quality of life as the major reason businesses relocated to the region.


TMT started as an “organization of organizations,” whose members helped spread the idea at the grassroots level that indicators could be used to measure the region’s quality of life in relation to the impacts of growth. The original partnering organizations included Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency, EDAWN, Washoe Medical Center (now Renown Health) and the Washoe Education Association.​​

For two decades, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT) collaborated with business owners, policy-makers, educators, nonprofits, community leaders and residents across Washoe County and the surrounding region to define measurable and actionable indicators t0 monitor how we’re doing as a community at preserving and enhancing our quality of life. Tracking the indicators over time, allows TMT to measure how our residents live, learn, work, recreate, raise families, and care for themselves and others. Reporting on the community’s wellbeing transforms the data into real “stories”—where we’ve been, are now, want to go, and how we can get there.


Our Community Data Exchange Tool is the data hub for metrics & performance measures, providing comprehensive, unbiased and non-partisan data about the region and the state of Nevada. Accessing the data hub is the catalyst to rally collaborative opportunities for positive outcomes. Additionally, engaging the community helps all residents understand the important role the indicators play in our region now and in the future.


Now more than 25 year later TMT remains a vital player in our community by providing accurate, timely and objective data needed to prioritize, address, and advocate for quality of life issues.

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Though TMT believes that data drives progress—data only tells one side of the story.  Community engagement and action—using data to drive effective decision making—is what transforms communities for the positive. That is what TMT does.  


For more than 25 years TMT has been—and continues to be—the leading source of quality of life data and the trusted conduit for meaningful community conversation in northern Nevada.  TMT connects with the residents of our Truckee Meadows community to uncover what matters most to the people who live, work, and play here—and then advocates for positive change for our citizens.


TMT endeavors to democratize data by providing our northern Nevada community with the most accurate, timely, relevant information possible through our many new and popular initiatives.  The two most popular being the Nevada Tomorrow Community Data Tool and the Community Conversation Speaker Series.



Community Members


Indicators of Quality of Life


Unique Community Data Dashboards


Nevada for

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To enhance our quality of life by providing accurate, timely and objective data as the basis for community engagement and dialogue.



By 2025, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow will be a sustainable, valued and essential community asset—providing leadership through our contribution as an objective, trusted source of data and as a catalyst for community conversations that empowers residents to improve our collective quality of life in the great State of Nevada.


Truckee Meadows Tomorrow believes that:

  • Data drives progress, measuring what matters helps us affect social change and that data should be accessible to everyone. 

  • A diverse community needs free, timely, and relevant data to support effective, inclusive, and beneficial policy making. 

  • All members of our community deserve a voice and representation in building the Nevada of tomorrow.




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TMT is funded by you—and together—we can make the community better.  Your contributions support the comprehensive and nonpartisan indicators project to measure our community’s wellbeing.

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Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT) knows you need comprehensive, unbiased data to achieve your goals. When you achieve your goals—whether making sound and informed decisions, setting targets and planning strategically, looking for information to support your funding efforts or helping to recruit your work force—the community prospers.

TMT provides the data you need.  Join the individuals and organizations making difference in the Truckee Meadows.

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TMT is funded by you—and together—we can make the community better.  Your contributions support the comprehensive and nonpartisan indicators project to measure our community’s wellbeing.

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