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TMT’s Board of Directors Gains Two New Members in November

- Truckee Meadows Tomorrow welcomes Danielle Randol of EDAWN and Nate Kusha of TMRPA to its Board of Directors -


RENO, Nev. (November 20, 2023) –– Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT) announces the addition of two new seats on its 2023 Board of Directors. Filling these openings are Danielle Randol, Business Development Manager at the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN), and Nate Kusha, Policy Analyst at Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency (TMRPA). Both were appointed and confirmed by TMT’s existing Board members for a term beginning November 1, 2023. The pair join a Board of active and engaged community leaders, business owners, and non-profit professionals committed to TMT’s data-driven mission of measuring Quality of Life in Northern Nevada.

Born and raised in Lake Tahoe, CA, Danielle Randol is no stranger to Reno’s beauty. Randol moved to Los Angeles for college, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resources. In 2015, she and her family moved north, ultimately settling in Reno. Now a Business Development Manager at the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN), Randol’s work explores what a business needs to be successful in our region. Primarily focused on the community aspect of how businesses work together, she uses those learnings to help EDAWN sell the region to companies interested in relocating.

"I am thrilled to join TMT and help support our community in improving the Quality of Life in Northern Nevada. We live and thrive in such a beautiful region, and Nevadans truly care. My goal, along with everyone else involved in the organization, is to have more people be aware of TMT and its resources.” – Danielle Randol

Nate Kusha joined the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency (TMRPA) in 2016. Since graduating from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and Planning, he has built upon his knowledge of planning and development in the Northern Nevada area. As a Policy Analyst, he uses that expertise to research, analyze, and evaluate development projects and growth trends within the Region, most notably in the 2019 Regional Plan Update.

“The Truckee Meadows Region is awesome, and I am excited for the opportunity to help bolster the mission of TMT and enhance the data and information about what makes our community so unique.” – Nate Kusha

Bringing their own rich perspectives on our region’s development goals and ongoing needs, Randol and Kusha will have ample opportunity to impact the community through their Board seats at TMT. To learn more about Truckee Meadows Tomorrow, visit or the 2022 Truckee Meadows Community Progress Report. For media inquiries, contact Kylie Rowe at


About Truckee Meadows Tomorrow:

Truckee Meadows Tomorrow (TMT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving Northern Nevada as the hub for regional Quality of Life data. Originally crafted in 1989 by an Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) committee, TMT started as an “organization of organizations” in response to local research showing Quality of Life as the leading reason businesses relocated to the Truckee Meadows. In the three decades since, TMT has collaborated with business owners, educators, policy-makers, community leaders, and residents in and around Washoe County to define measurable and actionable Quality of Life data indicators, using them to monitor the region’s collective progress. TMT has remained a vital community resource for over 30 years by curating and providing accurate, timely, and objective information needed to prioritize, address, and advocate for local quality-of-life issues.


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